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Royal Wolfe

Libretarian Alliance
« on: April 16, 2016, 06:13:21 PM »
We are the Alliance of Liberty! We take in the tired poor oppressed and otherwise rejected refugees of the Galaxy. If you need a place to stay we are the ones to shelter you. We provide new players with all the comforts of safety of freedom and liberty. So please consider contacting one of our citizen members today to join up.

Becoming a member of the alliance comes with a few perks. first of all you will be accepted to come to our sanctuary colony and set up yourself a place to call home. Our sanctuary is located in sector 40,25,37. We will provide a plot for you to build. We have a special plot system used in our newly opened residential District. This place is where you can build your house as you would a ship. you can then dock this house to a special plot foundation and live in security and privacy.

We have a shipyard. and you are free to use it as you see fit. it is located on a station in sector 39,25,42 and, it is also protected so it provides safety that no other location in our territory can. There you can build ships and never worry about it being stolen or grieved by pirates. we have a special deal with the server to protect the station from these kinds of problems, you will be declared war if you attack this place, so be warned. New Mao does not appreciate people attacking their ship providers.

we are the alliance and we are here to fight for your freedom. so join today and live in Liberty!

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