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The Story of the Furon Empire.
« on: September 09, 2016, 11:24:39 PM »
This once vast and prosperous empire came from the planet of Furon. They expended through diplomatic and civil actions. The empire almost rarely went to war with any of their neighbors, First Order, Oniyama Inc, Forgotten Colonies, and Hermitude. One day in the midst of a victor over pirates a new foe emerged from the darkness and void of space. This new enemy was known only as the Vaygr Empire. After massive battles and billions of casualties the Furon high command was forced to order a retreat  from their home planet with only 3 million out of the original 100 billion inhabitants. The Furon fleet had been reduced from 1350 ships to only 200. For years the Vaygr Raiders followed and attacked the Furon refugees until they had to retreat deeper into the void. The high command led by spocklin made the decision to rebuild the once mighty Furon fleet and to retake their home planet of Furon.


Re: The Story of the Furon Empire.
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With only 10 million people and 10 years since they had to flee their home the Furon Empire had gambled that the time was right to retake their capitol and to push back new and old enemies. The new fleet being only 700 ships had become so technologically advanced and power that it destroyed everything and left only fire in its wake.