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Unified Empire
« on: August 01, 2016, 12:36:09 AM »
Who are you?:

 Immex5. Very small time youtuber, general fan of building games since minecraft, kind of a pioneer in building game ship combat. Been doing it since movecraft first came out on minecraft. finally found a game that facilitates large scale pvp.

What do you want?:
Mainly to RP and interact with the community. I love to roleplay and make my own story. I'm actually an aspiring author and and in the process of writing both a sci-fi and steampunk fantasy series. I like to use ideas from the novels I'm writing in games.

Why are you here?:
Because this game is amazing and this community looks really good.

Where are you going?:
To the fringes of the galaxy to start my own empire.

A little about my faction.

The Unified Empire is a confederation of different nations all exiled from their home system. The UE has an emperor/empress elected by the many member nations. The Unified Empire tends to be pretty xenophobic and is hard to have relations with. They are also very radically religious and patriotic. They are fiercely loyal allies and unrelenting enemies. They also try to assimilate other nations into their union through colonialist tactics.
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Re: Unified Empire
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Good luck in the faction politics.  If you ever want to set up some trade networks, the Order is always looking for trade.


Re: Unified Empire
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Ill keep that in mind

Lord Frostsword

Re: Unified Empire
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Welcome, and good luck to you ^_^

The difficult we can do right away, The impossible will take a little longer.
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Re: Unified Empire
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have fun and beware the pirates
I'll get around to doing It later right now I'm doing something else